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Clockwork Orange Essays (Examples)

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❶As a whole, A Clockwork Orange was an appropriate portrayal of the life and treatment of an individual with antisocial personality disorder. On one had, the "highbrow intellectuals" argued…… [Read More].

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A Clockwork Orange: A Critical View Essay Sample
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What evidence is there that it is quickly moving toward a completely totalitarian state? There is a Municipal Power Plant. All adults in the society must work if they are able. Alex thinks that the worldcasts are stupid, and looks down on the middle-aged, middle-class people who stare hypnotized at their blue screens each night. With the entry of the new Minister of the Interior, the Government seems to be tightening its grip on the citizens.

The Minister remarks that he expects there to be more political offenders entering the jails in the near future. Alexander is sent to prison.

Another new policy of the Minister of the Interior is to help control street crime by recruiting young hoodlums to be police officers. This is how Dim and Billyboy joined the police. Burgess wrote his novel with twenty-one chapters, but his American publisher chose to omit the final chapter.

Explain how the impact and message of the novel is different if the final chapter is omitted. At the end of Chapter 20 Part 3, Chapter 6 , Alex has had his free will restored to him by the Government. He gleefully disrespects nurses, doctors, his parents, and finally the Minister of Education.

He expresses a desire to smash eggs, rip the feathers out of a peacock, rape and beat people, and even nail Jesus himself to the cross. If the novel ends there, Alex has gone right back to where he was before, a sociopathic monster again. At the end of Chapter 21, Part 3, Chapter 7 , Alex decides to make a change in his life.

He is bored with violence and ready to create something meaningful. Ending the book at Chapter 20 produces a shocking ending and an ambiguous moral. When the final chapter is added, the book ends on a more optimistic note. Violence will never end, as evil will always have its glamorous attraction to each new generation.

Where good exists, evil will also. Others have disagreed, finding the final chapter too sentimental and forced. Either way the book ends, the moral expressed by the chaplain can be applied. Free will is what makes a person human.

It is always preferable to allow a person free will, even if that person wills to bad, than to deprive one of free will and force him or her to do good. Log in or register to post comments. We provide an educational supplement for better understanding of classic and contemporary literature. Please check back weekly to see what we have added.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions or comments or would like any additional information. Thanks for checking out our website. Register Login Forgot Password. Novelguide Homework Help Studyhall. What are You Studying? Ask Question Novelguide Rooms. A Clockwork Orange Burgess Anthony.

Part 1, Chapter 1 Novel Summary: Part 1, Chapter 2 Novel Summary: Part 1, Chapter 3 Novel Summary: Part 1, Chapter 4 Novel Summary: Part1, Chapter 5 Novel Summary: Part 1, Chapter 6 Novel Summary: Part 1, Chapter 7 Novel Summary: Part 2, Chapter 1 Novel Summary: Part 2, Chapter 2 Novel Summary: Part 2, Chapter 3 Novel Summary: Part 2, Chapter 4 Novel Summary: Part 2, Chapter 5 Novel Summary: Part 2, Chapter 6 Novel Summary: The author of this paper takes the reader on an exploratory journey though the story and examines several facets of its foundation.

There were five sources used to complete this paper. One of the most controversial yet analyzed works of literature in history is, A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess. The work has inspired and provoked many literary conversations around the world, and treated its readers to a uniquely brutal look at the dark side of human nature. In A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess portrays how man deals with conflict, which leads to the understanding and acceptance of differences through the use of conflict, theme, and philosophy.

The story allows an intense study of human nature, by using brutal tactics of shock value to draw the reader in and…… [Read More]. Clockwork Orange The stunning film, by Stanley Kubrick, "A Clockwork Orange" has thrilling and frightening factors that would astound and bring extraordinary terror to its audience. The movie depicts a story of the nature of violence brought by the youths in England.

From my experience of watching the film, the brutalities the movie has demonstrated can easily produce diverse reactions from the viewers the same way it had brought in me different senses and feelings of disbelief after watching. The film was set in a futuristic England terrorized by gangs of juvenile delinquents spreading violence, terror, and heinous moral destructions. The settings were made somehow a mixture of old English and modern backdrops. Slightly unsettling, there were changes in the setting that would make the audience wonder why such a background and film set was used, developing reality and fantasy techniques between diverse scenes.

The combining style of settings…… [Read More]. Here, Burgess shows the reader that conditioning, which worked but robbed Alex of his basic humanness, failed while the simple act of growing up eventually changed Alex on a much more permanent basis. Clockwork Orange is full of examples of conditioning, and of behavioral psychology. It is presented in an overall negative light by Burgess, who held the view that conditioning robs man of his ability to choose, and thus robs him of his humanity and free will.

While the conditioning concepts did "work" in the book, they worked too well, altering Alex's ability to fight for himself, enjoy music, literature, and even relations with others. In the end, it was the natural process of growth and change that altered Alex, not that of the meddling of psychologists.

While this concept may not apply to all aspects of behavioral psychology, there is something to be said…… [Read More]. Clockwork Orange and the Aestheticization. In depicting Alex murdering a woman with a gigantic phallic symbol, Kubrick is not taking pleasure in the act or encouraging us to do so; rather, he is showing us a rather extreme, aestheticized reflection of the relations between men and women in society, as the artist perceived them.

Clockwork Orange Is One of. Alex's beating of the droogs is certainly a way of reasserting his authority in the group, but it is, at the same time and just as strongly, part of this individual gratification: The only moment when one of the violent acts turns wrong is also the moment when Alex's ego suffers, as he is almost subdued by his victim and, eventually, because of her fight, he is unable to leave the scene crime and is caught by the police.

As such, the close connection between the individual ego and the delinquency of the characters in the movie is understated once more.

Some of the sociological theories can also be used to address the acts…… [Read More]. Stanley Kubrick the Madness of. Strangelove, put him over the top" p. The learning curve was clearly sharp for Kubrick, and he took what he had learned in these earlier efforts and put this to good use during a period in American history when everyone was already ready to "duck and cover": According to Mcdouglas , Dr.

A Space Odyssey, and a Clockwork Orange were all later listed by the American Film Institute as being among the top one hundred American films of cinema's first century. In addition, "Each of these films provoked heated debate and each was a box-office success" Mcdouglas, , p. The popular response to Kubrick's movie, , in particular, was the result of an…… [Read More].

Film Directors Everywhere Have a. An American Alex would be against classical music, with anarchists normally being associated with hard rock music.

Moreover, he would find it perfectly normal to use drugs instead of drinking milk in a club that has dummies for tables. The reason for which a Hollywood producer would not have his psychotic character drinking milk is that he or she would unquestionably find such a scene to be sick, and, thus, not to be presented to a general public.

Most American movies presenting young people fighting for anarchy want to teach a lesson. They want people to understand that society is good and that it is not worth fighting it, since you only harm yourself in the process. In contrast, Kubrick shows that the system is bad and obsessed with maintaining control over people.

After Alex is freed from prison, he can no longer be free, as his mind continues to…… [Read More]. Dangers of Society as Depicted. He could not be tamed not did he want to be. His was a wild spirit and one that held no regard for human life or morality. Josephine and Constantia were too dependent and therefore did not make any decisions on their own.

This is fine until they have no one to make decisions for them. Then all things become difficult and dramatic. Alex was defective in that he did not depend on anyone's opinion at all. He was left to his own devices and, considering the fact that he was a wild young teenager, which is not such a good thing. Both stories illustrate how man is a social creature and depends upon human interaction to a certain point. Golden Rule of Cross-Cultural Communications.

Finally, it should be noted that anxiety and language can hamper communication between people of the identical culture if the context is not mutually understood. Anecdotally, this author once requested a copy of a Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess from an elderly man behind a counter in a small-town used bookstore who appeared to be the husband of the full-time owner, who was away. The kindly man squirmed a bit, stared blankly into space and repeated the words one at a time: It was clear he understood the mother tongue and the meanings of the individual words, but taken together, he did not understand them in their context as being a reference to a book and motion picture by the same name, highlighting the universal need for context in day-to-day communications with anyone from any culture.

Conclusion As the globalization process continues to…… [Read More]. Early Films of Stanley Kubrick. Nonetheless, Kubrick's early work reveals the director's creativity, originality, and willingness to explore complex and controversial themes. From "Flying Padre" to Paths of Glory and Lolita, the first part of Kubrick's oeuvre captures a time and place in American history that is at once as stylish and straightforward as it is melodramatic and contentious.

This paper will show how Kubrick's…… [Read More]. Literally Means Acquaintance With Letters. Then I ferret for poetry on the specific subject that boosts me. Poems that have had the greatest impact on me include Joaquin Miller's Columbus: What shall I say, brave Admiral, say, If we sight naught but seas at dawn?

Tolstoy's 'What is Art? Plato asseverated, likewise, recommending literature as part of the diet of the Philosopher king. Ruskin, too, maintained that literature should be employed for the betterment of society, whilst in Confucian thought,…… [Read More]. Rur and AI More Human. In Part Three, the government has abandoned its policy of condoning youth crime, and, in light of a coming election, has instead decided to crack down on delinquency.

The way the government accomplishes this goal, though, is by reclassifying many of those young thugs as law enforcement officials. In this way, the government can earn public allegiance while at the same time exerting a greater control over potentially disruptive forces. This government has no need of people like P. Deltoid, who in Part One futilely devotes his energies to the eradication of violence.

With a total monopoly on the use of force, the government of Part Three can make a transition to even greater power, which it in fact does by the end of the novel. A Clockwork Orange by: Character List Alex F. Alexander Minister of the Interior.

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The story of A Clockwork Orange, written by Anthony Burgess, is a story about choice, told in a disturbing yet humorous manner shows Alex.

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A Clockwork Orange literature essays are academic essays for citation. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of A Clockwork Orange. As the narrator of A Clockwork Orange, Alex uses nadsat most intensely when he writes about violence. And in some sense, he uses it to brainwash us on a very small level. And in some sense, he uses it to brainwash us on a very small level.

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